Research Tips


Our trip is planned for people interested in researching their Jewish roots in Lithuania.  Here are some research tips!

JewishGen has many projects. Several of them are specific to a place. The Yizkor book site is located at
After the Holocaust, groups of survivors pooled their resources, memories and photos and published them as a Yizkor Book. A large number of these books have been translated into English and can be read on JewishGen. There is no charge. If a book about your town has been added to the Yizkor book site on JewishGen, you will be able to learn a lot about the town before you get there. Your ancestors may even be mentioned in the book. 

The KehilaLinks site is also part of JewishGen.
Choose a country or region, and you will see the names of hundreds of towns and villages appear. Find the ones of interest to you and click on it. Generally, you will see a lot of information about the town.


After you have completed your search on JewishGen, go to
Click on Resources and then
IAJGS International Jewish Cemetery Project

Here you will find information about Jewish cemeteries around the world.

This video will show you more detail about how to use the IAJGS Cemetery Project database. It is a flash video and will display in a web browser.  It requires Active X be enabled.

Lithuanian Cemeteries


In 2011, a group of Lithuanians organized a non-profit organization based in Lithuania to maintain and document the remaining Jewish cemeteries in Lithuania.  They have posted a database of cemeteries on their website at:

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